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Inspecting washer water supply hoses

Washer fill hoses can crack over time, and create the possibility of  flood. It is a good idea to regularly inspect the condition of the hose connections at the water supply tap and at the connections to the washer. Look for cracks, evidence of leaking, or weak spots

When moving a refrigerator, wait a while before restarting

It makes a difference how a freezer, refrigerator or icemaker is transported. If the appliance is moved on its side or back, it must stand upright for 24 hours before being restarted. If the unit is transported upright, it may be restarted immediately.  Lubricating oil for the refrigeration

Washers – vacation, storage, and moving care

Install and store your washer where it will not freeze. Because some water may stay in the hoses, freezing can damage your washer. If storing or moving your washer during freezing weather, winterize it. Non-Use Or Vacation Care: Operate your washer only when you are at home. If