It is more common today than ever to hear the term “High Efficiency” when talking about cleaning products and appliances. High-efficiency washers such as the Whirlpool® Duet® saves time with fewer, larger loads, and lowers your water and energy bills by helping conserve resources.

For best washing performance, use a High Efficiency (HE), or low-sudsing, detergent such as Tide HE . Regular detergents may cause over sudsing in the washer. If a High Efficiency detergent is unavailable, use 1/2 the recommended amount of regular detergent. Use of regular detergent will lead to unsatisfactory performance over time. Most detergents formulated for hand-washing are not meant for front-loading washers and may cause over sudsing. Start with 1/4 the recommended amount. If over sudsing occurs, try a detergent formulated for high efficiency washers.